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Fully licensed to carry out asbestos roof replacement.

You will not meet with a salesperson for your asbestos roof replacement quote – you will meet with the owner of the company – his years of training and experience in the field mean your safety comes first.

We are safe, efficient and qualified. We have over 30 years of experience, and an impressive satisfaction rate across thousands of jobs.

Both Zincalume® and Colorbond® are Registered Trade Marks of BluescopeLysaght Steel and are manufactured here in Australia. Zincalume® is the modern equivalent of galvanized iron with the same silver finish, only longer lasting and much lighter. It is steel coated in a zinc/aluminium/magnesium alloy making it durable, strong and corrosion resistant.

Colorbond® is Zincalume steel with an adhesive, primer and a high gloss colour layer baked onto it. There are over 20 colours to choose from. Both come with BluescopeLysaght’s product warranty and Tin Roofing no leak guarantee.

Tie Downs are basically anchor points used to secure your new roof to your home. Tiles are very heavy which enables them to stay in place. Your new Colorbond® or Zincalume® roof is very light, and therefore must be fastened to the roof structure or the walls.

Tin Roofing works with a Structural Engineer to make sure your new roof is not only beautiful and functional, but stays in place even in cyclonic winds.

If your re-roof is over $20,000 (inc. GST), then the law requires it be carried out by a Registered Builder. If it is not, the work is illegal. A Registered Builder has been examined, in theory and practice, by the Building Commission of Western Australia, and is able to provide all the necessary insurances which protect you from default by the builder for a period of 6 years after completion, bringing compete peace of mind. But even if the re-roof of your home is less than $20,000, why compromise on quality and expertise?

Western Australian law states that re-roofing must be approved by your local council. This means submitting a Building Permit Application or risking fines. Nobody likes struggling with paperwork and plans, not to mention finding a Structural Engineer to provide a Tie Down detail! But you don’t have to worry because Tin Roofing coordinates all the necessary paperwork and lodges the application on your behalf. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The weight of old tiles often causes dips in the roof line, sagging at the corners of your home and uneven gutters – this is unattractive and likely to cause more leaks. When we take off your old tiles we replace those stressed timber battens with steel purlins, building a new framework onto which your new roof is installed. You will instantly be able to appreciate the new look and no leaks.

Ceiling Batt insulation rests on top of the ceiling and is designed to keep heat in during the winter. Building Blanket insulation (also known as Anticon) is installed between the steel purlins and your new roof sheeting. It is specifically designed to keep the heat out during summer. You will notice the difference it makes, as well as the money saved on energy costs.

No. We will identify any hazards or areas to avoid, but you won’t need to vacate the premises.

It depends on the size of your home. Most residential re-roofing projects take 1-3 days.

Is your question not answered here? Please contact us – we are happy to talk to you about your home, your renovation and your needs.

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